In an era of uncertainty and technological addiction emerges the music of Minor FX. The group was formed in 2018 in Seattle by vocalist Jess X and veteran techno producer Kenneth Graham. 

Their approach to writing and recording has resulted in material that is as unique as it is prolific. By design, the lyrics are cryptic and abstract yet captivating and introspective. The voice is ethereal and unsettling yet pleasantly seductive. 

Their sound and production style incorporate textural elements of experimental techno with the groove of downtempo and hip hop. This genre-agnostic approach allows for variations in mood, energy and attitude, providing an extended and dynamic journey both live and in the studio. 

The feelings and visions invoked can best be described in cinematic terms: a colorful yet Orwellian noir. The resulting material is a serious yet abstract representation of life now and into the future. A timeless combination of words and sound.